Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Anstar Amorin Log #9

While adventuring through the ogre cave we came many things. The dragonborn and I found oxen and horses we could use, my brother and the dwarf found some prisoners, and the glacian found the most important of all things- loot! There was so much stashed away here in the cave! A strange gnomish machine, glass panes, a jeweled abacus, a barrel of nails, oh the list goes on and on. So we were able to gather everything, including the now freed prisoners, and use the oxen to carry it all out of the cave. 

Upon returning to the site of the battle we found that our prisoners of war had managed to escape somehow and that they took a few things with them. Good riddance I say. Once we returned we were able to repair the cart there and so we made camp nearby and left the next morning.

One of the prisoners was very quiet and difficult to deal with, but we were able to persuade her with food. That and the glacian woman we found finally came to. She was quite the loudmouth, and just like everyone else on this damn world, she was very full of herself. I mean c'mon. You got yourself captured by ogres and we saved your life, and instead of, "Oh my god! Thank you heroes!" it's, "so you just managed to kill an ogre, huh?" It's all making me rather homesick.

We managed, however, to safely make our way back to the prison and claim our reward. It was there I received this strange coin. I'm not yet sure what it is about it, but I am rather drawn to it. It feels like it could be important down the road. After a quick stop here we headed back to Farehaven.

Upon our return we were greeted by nothing less than a fan of ours. So this is how it feels to be appreciated. I can't say that I don't enjoy it. Thoroughly. And who knows, perhaps there is money to be made here. But that can wait. For now I am tired from our journey and wish to exchange this loot for some cold hard crowns.

We ended up trading in the loot for some horses. Not really what I had in mind, but certainly I can see the value to be had. And the strangest thing happened while I was making a deal for us. I simply asked for an even exchange for our goodies and when that happened I felt a warm glow on my neck, and then… we got it. I mean I don't think I need help in closing a deal or anything, but still I wonder if somehow this new coin I received had anything to do with it. Anyways, we had one last stop to make before heading in for the Crown and Cup.

My brother accompanied me to find the jeweler here in town so that I could have the abacus appraised while the rest of the party went off to waste their time with that old fool Q. We were stopped, surprisingly, on our way by the local tailor. He invited us in to have a look at his wares and we obliged him. He was an odd fellow, that man. He made me feel a little uneasy, and his prices were outrageous. Unfortunately he took up so much of our time that when we finally left the jeweler had already closed for the day. There's always tomorrow I suppose. And with that we returned to meet up with our companions at the Crown and Cup.


The_Asp blaindes51

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