Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Apeles Interlude

To save time

After our second meeting with the High priest of Quarre, I broke off from my group and made my way to the temple of Paloma. I greeted Lady Semolina, before placing two crowns in the poor box. After i found a place i could meditate and pray silently as i faced the oak tree speaking my heart out to Paloma, knowing that with each beat of my heart the message would be delivered to her. I went over everything that had happened over the past few weeks, rethinking my missteps , on how i could have helped more and lessened the harm that evil had happened. My mind drifted to the children that died, the first time i had killed, the slaughter of the kobolds, and to that hag. I asked for forgiveness and reaffirmed my oaths. Finally i ask her for any aid she can give us come tomorrow, For i do not trust any knowledge that Quarre gives.


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