Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Apeles entry 11.1


Now everyone look. I know the promise of 8000 crowns to split among us, or 10000 crowns to buy a ship for travel seems….tempting. However we made a promise here, we promised a man that we'd see it through so that he wouldn't hang. Would you honestly trade an innocent life for a shiny distraction that a wicked man like Kristos would throw at you. I have my duty as a Knight of Paloma to follow through on my promises, but i also have a duty towards you all as a friend. As a friend, im asking that we follow through on the investigation, we speak to the baronette and exhaust every lead we have. This goes beyond us and for all we know, we caused this by speaking with Illoan. We need to finish what we started or this will become a habit, stopping doing the good thing because some curr presented a temptation to stray. Kristos is no better than a demon at this point. I did not come here for money or to serve but to be a legitimate hero. We need to finish this for not only ourselves, but for Roni, for Edna, for David and for every innocent person here. People in this town do not give a thought for the unfortunate, they did not even mention the children that were casualties of the necromancer weeks ago. The lord's will continue to soak their hands in the blood of whoever is convenient, It's all to common and someone needs to be made an example of for this tyranny to cease.


I concur with your point that if we prematurely abandon what we already set out to do, we may gain an even more unfavorable reputation of that being “show them something shiny and they’ll immediately turn their attention towards it.” As you said, Fairhaven has not been kind to the lower classes and by abandoning Edna and David, we are no better than the lot of Fairhaven. In fact, in his region, Athelstan is a lower class but we continue to support his mission in shaking things up and changing the view of Glacian males. Why not do the same in Fairhaven with the lower classes? Give them a voice as we have helped to do with Athelstan!

Apeles entry 11.1
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