Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Apeles entry 12

Well....that happened

Angry, frustrated, disheartened, These are just a few of the things im feeling at the moment. After saving those women i thought things would be looking up, even after what happened on the hill. I guess my resolve for coming here to this guild just, did not prepare me for this, or at least my expectations were wa off. I….still can not leave, there's not enough reason to. However, i do need a break from Farehaven, The fingers might help. i think i might prefer some of the missions that require travel. While there are a few faces i like to see in town, there are a few too many that are rather….unpleasant…..I should have joined my brother at the bar. next time maybe i should just make a clear cut decision. 


The_Asp cbg565

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