Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Cescill Vass: Log #11 "Debate"

"Ok, I want to make a few things perfectly clear before I continue with my reasons for my stance on the situation. First off I want to help the innocent to which we promised our efforts i proving his innocence, and catch the true murderer. Second, I will never stand in the defense or the light of o' sir pompous and devilish Khristos. Third and last, I do take a burden of responsibility for the events that transpired in my attempts to restore my sense of honor and pride. With that all said ans set, I still think it would be best to take up Lord Khristos offer <u>IF</u> we fail to find any further leads by at most the break of dawn, and this is why…"

  • With the evidence we have now, our only leads show us to either the aid of a master brewer to track the content of a now emptied flask, talking and secretly investigating at least 2-3 more people connected to the murder victim of Mrs. McGillis, and lastly tracking down some old woman who's description and actions only line up with a damned childish tale. Sadly, that's not much to go on, and little that we found actually disproves the innocent parties case. I've grown up and seen some harsh things back home, and a drunkard losing himself in the moment and forgetting what he did was among them.
  • We have an amazing opportunity at the moment to gain a real foot hold in our place here in Fairhaven. It's obvious that Khristos is no good man, but he is powerful and influential. We've already shown ourselves to many of the powerful figures here to be either incompetent or simply not worth their time. Even if we may hate this situation, sometimes you have to help yourself and be in a better place and state before you can help others.
  • Now I know most of us care not for money, myself included, but unlike the rest I've accepted the fact that most of our civilized world runs around the concept, and to simply just dismiss it as a distraction is just absurd. We need money, the very organization we are part of revolves around it, so why shouldn't we help ourselves for once.
  • I'm not going lie, the potential for gaining a sea fairing vessel is more of a personal desire for myself then it is for the rest of you, but please understand what choosing the vessel all entails. To begin, a vessel of that price would have a size capable of transporting all of us with ease, as well as give us many new opportunities we wouldn't be able to reach. It also provides our own base of operations if ever we need it as well as quarters to take shelter in. Plus how do the rest of you plan to learn without paying someone else to use their vessel for some price. Last of all for you who follow visions and dreams, what will you do if you believe it take you across the water where no other ship will dare touch. You'll be stuck waiting trying not only to purchase the vessel then, but to also train so that you may go in safety of your own skill. I know it's a lot of if's and maybe's, but if not for any of these reasons, then perhaps for me your friend. 
  • Lastly I want to bring up the whole 'promise' argument.  Yes, we promised the man that we would do what we could to help prove his innocence. Yes, I did say work ourselves tired till dawn in his defense. And yes, I understand the moral implications, and to a lesser degree the impact this has on the two of you. But, we made other promises in the past, and look how quick you all were to quit on those, do any of you even care anymore about the lives of the kobolds or the child you saved now in the clutches of a hag; or perhaps a reminder of the children turned to monsters and undead abominations. How many lives do we have to carry promising something we can;t even keep. What use are words when it is wealth and power that decides the fates and lives of all of us here in this world. What makes this mans life any more important that you can't just let it go like many of the others. I don't mean to offend any of you, bu even I'm starting feel unsure about all of this anymore after all that has happened.


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