Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Nebrarlun's Log 11.1

8th of Palomentis

We are truly at a crossroads of what we are to do next with our party currently in a heated conversation on which is the correct path. 

It is my belief that we must continue unraveling the murder of Edna McGillis, Roni's dearest friend. Unfortunately, Cescill and Anstar feel as if our attention should be readjusted towards a guild mission that would have us explore "The Fingers" to determine if there can be harbor defenses and/or lighthouses built in that area. Lord Khristos is one of the main sponsors of the mission and has promised an incredible amount of crowns – 8000 – to be split amongst us or 10,000 in value to be spent on a ship. I am sure Anstar has chosen to readjust our focus due to the allure of the money and Cescill desires above all a ship to call his own…I present the following arguments as to why we must stay on course and determine the truth behind the untimely death of Edna.

  • Have you ever sailed with a dwarf? I would not wish that experience on anyone besides my worst enemies. Let us not forget, I nearly drowned during our journey in the sewers of Fairhaven! I cannot swim nor do I feel the necessity to learn how to do so in the present. If a ship is bought, you will find me in the exact middle of the boat, I will not so much step 3 feet near any edge of the ship. Pray for good weather…all of you! If the ship encounters any waves or weather that so much as sends me on my rear – you will have to deal with me at my worst!
  • Cescill is the only trained seamen amongst any of us. How long does it even take to train ONE person to be able to perform well on ship duties? Let me remind you, there are 4 untrained passengers and one of those passengers can't even swim/ will not perform any tasks that require to be near any of the ship's edge. 
  • Something I often forget – Cescill is still but a child amongst Dragonborns. I trust his seamanship and that he will be able to handle himself a ship but is he mature enough to lead us? It was he who said something along the lines of "I don't care if it takes until dawn of the 9th of Palomentis but we will solve this murder" and I greatly admired that devotion. How quickly he has changed his decision to now pursue a ship as soon as the promise of one was dangled in front of him. Him being a child may be to blame for how quickly he changed his mind… Remain steadfast Dragonborn! We need that resolute pursuit that I find in Apeles – hence why I still trust his judgment. 
  • I know it is tough for Anstar to turn down any form of payment, but this potential payment that Khristos is a part of is tainted payment and we must all carry that with us. We will be no better than Khristos' Champions if we choose to accept the guild mission and I would hate to be categorized in the same group as them. 
  • We cannot completely burn the bridge with Roni - many have warned us that it is best to remain on the right side with Roni and she is perhaps more influential than we are led to believe. Perhaps it is a bit selfish since it was I that has caused our relationship to strain with Roni, but I believe solving the murder can help us redeem ourselves amongst The Crown & Cup. While we may never reach the same relationship we once had with Roni, I believe it is a step in the right direction. Even if we fail, I believe Roni will at least deep down appreciate our efforts. We still have the night, do not give up friends! 
  • Zharina cannot turn her back against heinous crimes such as murder that have been committed and as such, neither can I. I, no WE,  have already failed Shinuroz Flowrumm and we cannot fail someone else again. 
  • When we do leave Fairhaven, I would like to leave it in a better state than how it was when we all first arrived. Furthermore, I would like us to have a better standing amongst the citizens of Fairhaven when we leave than when we first arrived.

Now, as Cescill wisely pointed out (one of the reasons I forget he is a child sometimes), if we do in fact run out of leads and can make no headway with the murder by the end of the night…I must graciously admit defeat and realize that there is no other solution that will allow us to solve the murder but I pray we do not reach that conclusion. If the money does go towards a ship, we will indeed be able to travel to far reaching lands but we will be stalling/ possibly abandoning any foothold that we have in Fairhaven. As our accomplishments begin to proper recognition in Fairhaven, payment will surely follow which will make Anstar and Cescill very happy and I will happily invest part of my future payments towards Cescill's ship – but do not expect to find me ever on it! If Anstar agrees to forgo the guild mission in favor of solving the murder, I believe that I can work out an arrangement with him where he receives part of my share of crowns each time we are paid. He already knows that I will not accept payment that I think is tainted – as was such when we were paid for discovering what happened to the convoy to Brax Prison.  


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