Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Apeles entry 7
The num that got away

We found out what had been assailing us for the past  couple days. A man who seemed to have some form of control over the wild life in the region had been harassing us with wave after wave of attacks. It came to a head  when he sent two Owlbears (what ill call them for now) at us , we were able to take them out and avoid burning down the nearby trees but in all the choas we lost the man's trail…I hope the caravan that passed by us on the way wasnt attacked as well.

Something else troubles me deeper however, some…creature attacked us and it seemed to have some allegiance with out prisoner. First it threatened our lives if we didnt release him and later it sent a wave of restless dead at us. Anything that spreads those fouls creatures should be held responsible. However there was an intelligent restless dead there…he spoke of their queen, and while she's merely rumored in history, it is still troubling. There is also the fact that the little flying creature my brother slew left no corpse behind. There's just too many things we don't know. Paloma guide us and give us the strength to stand against the restless dead that seem to follow our every move.

There were two spots of hope on this journey, something i havent been able to say that often this past week. We were able to safely deliver the elderly elf to Brax prison and Hivemind i feel has awoken. I will say however, Hivemind will take some getting used to. In the heat of combat it seemed to have a mind of it's own and defended me from something….I couldnt even see the strike admittedly but it's like the shield pulled my arm, but at the same time the arm was under my control. It's a weird feeling, However, i trust it. And i will admit this is something most exciting.

Anstar Amorin Log #6

Would you believe they let that elf bastard live?! Apparently bringing the restless dead into town isn't that big a deal here. Paloma forbid a man inquire about poison though! I'll never understand this town, but it seems we have an opportunity to leave, although the circumstances are far less than ideal. It seems we have been tasked with escorting the elf scum to the lone mountain. I've always been curious about the mountain, so perhaps this adventure will prove to be fortuitous. Although this does mean we will have to put on hold any missions which have been commissioned by the baron. Quite an odd fellow that one.

In preparation for the journey I went to shop for supplies and came across and rather useful looking pack dog which I purchased for a steal. It seems, however, that the mutt doesn't seem to know how to appreciate its master. Dumb animal. Perhaps it will learn to appreciate me in time.

The day of our first journey was mostly uneventful. We made good pace, I believe, and set camp just off the road. It was then things got weird. While on watch with the dragonborn I heard strange noises. It sounded like a voice, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from or from what. Shortly after the noise we were ambushed by hordes of insects. It was difficult to take care of them with my arrows, there being so many of them, but the dragonborn seemed to handle them rather well with his fire spells. Although he took no precaution of where he was firing away and injured some of the group. The dwarf seemed to sleep almost through most of the ordeal, and when he awoke he seemed too disoriented to be of much use.

After taking care of the insects we got our things ready and got back on the road only to once again here the noises from the previous evening. We then were flanked on all sides by vorpal bunnies. They may have looked harmless enough, but I witnessed what they were capable of when they nearly ripped the dwarfs throat right out! Fearsome creatures indeed. I attempted to find the source of the noise this time while my companions dispatched of the rest of the creatures, but I was once again unable to locate it. I hope whatever it is does not plague us the entirety of our journey or that we are at least able to confront whatever it is that's doing this.

Cescill Vass: Log #6

- We attended the judgment of the elf, and his sentence was as fair as I could imagine. We met a number of colorful people too, though once all was said and done I was more so focused on the opportunity brought to us by the representative high priest of Rissix, Epp Anait. Well, I say opportunity, but it's more of a heavy handed request do to 'someone's' actions of conduct. I would have agreed to do it anyways, and most of us agreed as well, so we retired to recover and relax for a few days to help take our minds off the recent events of late. While all was being prepared, we decided on the day before setting out to visit the two contacts who summoned us by letter. First was the duchess, Constance Ashford; I didn't hate her, but she did get under my scales a bit after a touch of ridicule. In any case she wanted our help to find information on the missing royal bloodline to determine if they are dead or alive. Of course even 'I' could tell what she was hoping, though Apeles comforted my worries believing her to still at the very least had the best of interest for the town of Farehaven and it's people. We then visited the baron outside of town, a man by the name of Raynegilt. He was nice, a bit eccentric and twitchy, but nice. He did seem to bug at least Nebrarlun do to his views on the god's, though I must admit it's not entirely unreasonable. Why should it matter if he seems to care and try more than those of the temples back in Farehaven. It's a bit rash to say, but I haven't seen them do much of anything, and yet he's trying to inspire people to help by means  of doing tasks of general good that most people where ignoring; well, most of them. The man isn't perfect, but I find him a lot more tolerable then some of the people we've met. He seemed to also have interest into the royal bloodline, though we needed to leave soon for night was closing in, so we returned to the Crown and Cup to get a well needed rest for this next mission. The next day started off simple, wake up, eat, meet the guard captain at their outpost, and head out of town by carriage towards the Lone Mountain. Elf wasn't much trouble, though the rest looked concerned still; also for some reason Anstar got himself a dog from those two traders back in town. It didn't seem to like him much, though he started to attach to Apeles and myself. We had stopped for a night off by the side of the road and set watches; by the last shift with me and Anstar, we picked up on some weird chattering that was hard to pin down, though clearly we could hear it say "num – num". Before we could even get the rest up we were descended upon by several swarms of insects. They proved troublesome for most of the group though luckily I was up; my flames proved to be quite effective. Once all had calmed down we tried to find any tracks but discovered none. We gathered up camp and prepared to head out again. However, we faced again the same chattering along the road, but this time it was a large pack of vorpal bunnies, or as we liked to call them back in Bartermoor, razor hares. We dealt with the threat pretty well, though Nebrarlun seemed to take the most of their attention, covered in many nasty gashes and bite marks. We again failed to find tracks of the one I bet is controlling these creatures, though Anstar seems to be picking up on this 'thing' a bit more each time. I just hope we deal with it before it sends something we might not be able to handle.

Nebrarlun's Log #6

Icefury clan,

I continue to write to you in order for you to follow my adventures so that upon my return, you will hopefully understand that I should still be accepted by you all as a healer first, warrior second. Every chance I get, I will send out my letters to you via merchants. There may be times where you will receive several letters at once. If you choose to respond back to me, send all mail to the Crown & Cup in Farehaven as that is where I will most likely be residing.

The elf that was able to conjure the restless dead has been punished by being sent to Brak's Prison at the Lone Mountain. He has also had his tongue cut off. I do not believe his punishment is enough, so I have reminded him that the mask that now adorns his face was made by a half-elf, the very race that he was trying to rid Treialle of! I may appear to have the upper-hand on this elf, but I still remain very fearful of his power.

My group and I have decided to personally escort this elf to Brak's Prison and I am happy to depart from Farehaven for a bit to escape all the rude royalty that we have encountered. I do hope Roni misses me, as I miss her charm dearly and am looking forward to my next hot meal prepared by her.

There is something odd that seems to be reoccuring…we were attacked by disgusting insects at night and the following morning attacked by these incredibly scary rabbits. Mock me if you will, but these rabbits had a nasty bite and almost got the best of me with one snap. In both of these attacks, there was this "num num munch munch" sound. I am sure the elf had followers, and this is their doing.  

Apeles Entry 6
Shields and Rabbits

A few things have happened since my last entry. the elf we thwarted has been sentenced to life in prison and we're to escort him, to the prison by the Lone Mountain. We prepared ourselves and visited Duchess Ashford and Baron Raynegilt, the latter of which is most pleasant company. However, the biggest thing that has happened, before our departure, was the naming of my shield. It was late i had been pondering it since we got back to our rooms and i eventually called it "Hivemind", due to it's construction and how it acted of it's own accord to protect me. When i named it i felt something strange, as if it had connected to me. I'm not sure what it will do but i strangely trust it.

Paloma protect us, we have attracted the attention of one of the most fearsome predators in all of Treialle. The name we give them in Lean roughly translates to "Bloody Hoppers" but in Seamarl they are known as Vorpal Bunnies. These fearsome predators attacked our caravan leaping for our necks one after another. Nebrarlan saw the worse of it but luckly we were able to take them out. Until now i've only heard stories or have seen them dead, they're fangs still dripping with blood. To see them in action, however, was much more fearsome than any tale i've heard. It was strange how they focused on us and left the animals untouched. I thought for sure they'd attack Deogy or the donkeys. Something strange is going on here.

Anstar Amorin Log #5

I awake to find the party downstairs in the Crown and Cup along with the children. The first move we would make today would be to get rid of the children, right? No. The group first decides we are going to Q's. Ugh, how I dread Q's establishment. So naturally we leave the children behind, right? Nope. We are bringing them along with us to be subject to Q's nonsense. 

So we are traveling along to Q's, and of course I take position to wait outside along with the children, but then I hear some sort of shouting going on and of course my brother is standing right in the doorway blocking my view of what in the world could be happening. It doesn't take long, however, until we have the restless dead on our heels! Where on Treialle did these fiends come from?! I bet the group is wishing we were rid of the children now!

These undead abominations appear to have some sort of uncanny resilience and simply refuse to die. What's worse is when they appear to be weakened they in fact go into some sort of frenzy and start lashing out wildly. To make matters worse the children are clearly easy prey for the creatures and they aren't doing much in the way of defending themselves. How could they? They have no combat training or any knowledge of what to do in this sort of situation. Hell, I don't even know what I should be doing in this situation.

Unfortunately it isn't long before the ravenous undead are upon the children. We did everything we could to save the poor souls, but there was simply nothing more that could be done. It was with deep regret that I had to put them down. I may not have cared much for Billy or Bobby or whatever the poor lads name was, but I thought certainly Janice had potential. At first I thought to myself, "how could I do such a thing?" but after careful consideration it simply came down to me or them, and that is not a hard decision. With the zombie menace taken care of from the outside it's time for me to check and see what my brother is dealing with from within.

When I went to take a peak inside to what could possibly be happening I saw most of my companions present and then nothing else but darkness. I could feel the fear seeping within my body as the hair on my skin started to raise. The dragonborn was notably absent, presumably consumed by whatever darkness was ahead. The party has suffered worse loses I suppose.

I felt ashamed, but I simply could not muster the mettle required of me to enter the enveloping blackness, and it wasn't long until my companions were all devoured by it. My heart had sunk. There was no hope here. How was I, one man, suppose to save my entire party. I mean, I never cease to amaze myself at what I am capable of, and I also realize that as the most valuable member of the party it would be rather fortuitous that I be the sole survivor to live on and continue our legacy and share their story. But it was then that something occurred to me. With all this commotion going on in town, where on Triealle were the guards!? Another spark of brilliance! What if they were here? Or at the very least, what if whom or whatever inside belived them to be. This was to be my greatest ruse yet!

So I decided to pose as a commnader, or whatever, of the town guard of mercifully offer this villain a quiet and clean surrender. All the while of course being ready to sink my arrow deep in his throat the moment he lay down his arms. I called once. No response. I call a second time thinking surely this fool will see reason. No response. By this point I'm assured my companions are no more and I send a final warning to the villain that arrows are about to rain upon him. I fire. It doesn't appear that my arrow has made purchase. I now wait. In fear.

The darkness finally subsides, and low and behold. My companions are alive! It's not often in life you are able to experience such joy as I experience in that moment. How good it was to see my brother standing strong, and how admire him for being able to do what I cannot. I call out to my brother to ask what has happened to the criminal to which he informs me of his planned escape out the back. Not today. I quickly dash outside of the disheveled shop and finally meet this would be escapee. I witness him reach out and fell my Glacian friend. It was then I realized this was no simple minded villain, and that he would not come easy. I decide then the only fair punishment for the crimes he's committed here is an arrow to the chest. I let my arrow fly true.

It's done. The villain is in dire condition, but it appears he will yet live. A fortunate end for him. We are then greeted by the sheriff and his deputy. Just in time. I leave it to them to take matter over from here. We then go on to deal with the ungrateful half-elf Que. Bastard is still surly with me ever after I've saved his life! We are handsomely rewarded, though, with a seemingly bottomless bag. One which I would very much like to have in my possession, but my brother doesn't seem to like the idea. After wasting more time with Que the group decides to go off and speak with the deputy.

The deputy is a very proud man. He also appears to have be the one who posted the guild mission about the missing children. We made sure to omit the fate of the children we saved, and in the end I was able to convince the man that the fey beings which were preying on the children were no longer a threat. After being satisfied with our work we were paid. Although I need to remember to count those crowns…

The last order of business for the day is attending the trial of the offender we apprehended earlier at Q's. We were stopped when we arrived by the charming elf lady we had run into before. She plead that we spare the man the fate he deserved. If I have anything to say about it, though, the man will hang. So we made our case with the judge and during recess we were met but a particular gnome. He was interesting to say the least. He talked of life and death and how his people were wrongly being taken from their bodies too soon as the result of some sort of magics. Everything he said seemed to make sense, and he had research to back it up, but he expected us to sign our lives away on a piece of paper to show our support for him. And as much as I wanted to help I consider my life a bit more valuable that what he was offering. Which was basically nothing. We now patiently await the verdict for the villain elf.

Note to self: don't forget to check the money pouches.

Nebrarlun's Log #5

In my current state, there is very little light that guides me Zharina. I had wanted to accomplish returning the two waifs we had rescued to the sheriff and mistakenly, we thought it best that these children accompany us. The outcome of our actions will haunt me for many days to come. We went to Que's shop and were attacked by an aged elf who had the ability to summon the restless dead. 

My primary function as part of the dwarven contingency was a medic, and I am not yet a hardened, seasoned warrior. To make matters worse, I had never dealt with the restless dead before. I panicked and did not know Zharina's power could easily vanquish them. In my sheer ignorance, I tried tackling these restless dead so they could not harm the waifs that we had taken with us..but I failed. These foul beings could spread their cursed disease upon the living simply through inserting their mouths into orifices. 

I cannot forgive myself, and neither should you Zharina. But experience is the best teacher, with Apeles – the follower of Paloma – coming close in second. Apeles, but barely the age of a human man, has already proven to me that I should heed his guidance in areas that I know little about. While we continue to have our differences (he is too nice to those I do not trust), I know he means well. During our encounter with the restless dead and the elf, he called out to me, but I was not able to capitalize on his guidance. Had I done so, I am sure at least one of the waifs would have still been alive…I will continue to regard him in high merit.

As we await the verdict of the elf, I wish a punishment worse than death upon him. He is beyond redeeming himself and has shown that his sole goal is to rid Treialle of half-elves. I hope he is surrounded by the very darkness that his heart and mind have been enwrapped in.  

Cescill Vass: Log #5

- Gods' I got to remind myself to clean up my work space; all the dust that built up gave me a fit and before I knew it, I had burned my last two journal entries with a couple specks of embers. Anyways, today's events were very, very unfortunate. We were going to help the waifs find a good place to stay just in case there were more of those awful terror mites, but when we decided to hit up Que's shop first before heading towards the temple district, we found ourselves in a bad scene. Que was knocked unconscious on the ground with this menacing old elf standing over him; he turned to us to tell us to leave, of course we didn't, and before some of us had a chance to grasp the situation we were swarmed by several restless dead that he had hidden under his control. Amongst the fear and confusion the lives of the waifs were snuffed out by the dead that infected them with their own bodies. I could do nothing, and though I prayed for one of my friends to have an answer, they seemed just as lost in this madness. If only the kids had listened and ran to the side of the building as I told them to. Then of course Anstar just simply ended their lives without little hesitation; I was disgusted but decided to focus my anger towards the elf inside. After a long battle we managed to save Que and take down the elf, but we lacked restraint. Anstar would have killed the man, and though I would have forgotten about it after what he did, the deputy arrived and sealed his wounds as well as interrogated us over the scene of this crime. We explained and though he took our side, especially when the sheriff arrived, he kept on giving me this impression of hatred or malice towards me. In any case the scene was mostly cleared once we got Que conscious again, and when he got the chance he rewarded us with a magical bag. He also answered a few of the questions we had came over to ask in the first place. He told us the creatures we found were actually called meenlocks, and that some of the items we had on our person had the potential to become what he called thread items, one of them being my scale. Afterwards we set out to find the deputy again to inform him about the job of solving the mystery around the missing waifs. He re-introduced himself as Kalle Bjornson, apparently a descendant of a hero of this very town. I discovered that his feelings towards me are because of his demotion forced by Lord Khristos, who than replaced him with the current sheriff, a dragonborn by the name of Drodus Worlasar. Bjornson and Anstar got into some form of argument I think, but he did reward us for a job well done, as well as reminded us of the soon to be held trial over the elf's crimes. I should wrap this up though, I think I'll need another page with everything that is happening as of late.

Apeles Entry 5
The Dead and death

I'm beginning to doubt my own effectiveness in protecting others, outside of keeping my own group alive. We've lost the kobolds and now the children….it was a mistake, We should have left them with Roni. They became restless dead….i never even saw them again after i opened that door, things happened all so quickly. Perhaps this shield can aid me give me the strength i need to protect others, I think i'll need to name it soon. I dont feel i can forgive this man, after all the restless dead he released caused the death of the children, and he nearly killed Athelstan, However what the court decides is what it decides. It also doesnt seem likely he'll get off easy…I do feel bad for Uschymna. Paloma guide me still, I have much to learn…obviously.

Nebrarlun's Log #4

I write this with a heavy heart as I am unsure if the Merchant Adventure's Guild is all that I have hoped it to be so far. My group and I took part in a training exercise and were utterly humiliated in combat by fellow Guild members. To make matters worse, we discovered that these Guild members went into the sewers and slaughtered almost all of the Kobolds we befriended. I know these Kobolds did not appreciate Zharina's light, but I still found myself wanting to help these creatures. The nobles and higher members of Farehaven tire me with their condescending views of me and my group. If only they knew how highly held medics and healers are towards the Icefury Clan and Arlp…

We were able to do some good, and rescued two waifs from these insectoid creatures.  Sadly, these vermin we encountered were once children themselves, twisted and morphed by magic. They have returned to the Crown and Cup for the night and hopefully they are able to have a good night's worth of rest. The sheriff of Fairhaven has sponsored a mission regarding missing waifs and I am sure these children that we rescued are related. While I cannot blindly agree with everything the Guild asks us to do/requires of us, I know Zharina would favor this mission.


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