Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Nebrarlun's Log 11.1
8th of Palomentis

We are truly at a crossroads of what we are to do next with our party currently in a heated conversation on which is the correct path. 

It is my belief that we must continue unraveling the murder of Edna McGillis, Roni's dearest friend. Unfortunately, Cescill and Anstar feel as if our attention should be readjusted towards a guild mission that would have us explore "The Fingers" to determine if there can be harbor defenses and/or lighthouses built in that area. Lord Khristos is one of the main sponsors of the mission and has promised an incredible amount of crowns – 8000 – to be split amongst us or 10,000 in value to be spent on a ship. I am sure Anstar has chosen to readjust our focus due to the allure of the money and Cescill desires above all a ship to call his own…I present the following arguments as to why we must stay on course and determine the truth behind the untimely death of Edna.

  • Have you ever sailed with a dwarf? I would not wish that experience on anyone besides my worst enemies. Let us not forget, I nearly drowned during our journey in the sewers of Fairhaven! I cannot swim nor do I feel the necessity to learn how to do so in the present. If a ship is bought, you will find me in the exact middle of the boat, I will not so much step 3 feet near any edge of the ship. Pray for good weather…all of you! If the ship encounters any waves or weather that so much as sends me on my rear – you will have to deal with me at my worst!
  • Cescill is the only trained seamen amongst any of us. How long does it even take to train ONE person to be able to perform well on ship duties? Let me remind you, there are 4 untrained passengers and one of those passengers can't even swim/ will not perform any tasks that require to be near any of the ship's edge. 
  • Something I often forget – Cescill is still but a child amongst Dragonborns. I trust his seamanship and that he will be able to handle himself a ship but is he mature enough to lead us? It was he who said something along the lines of "I don't care if it takes until dawn of the 9th of Palomentis but we will solve this murder" and I greatly admired that devotion. How quickly he has changed his decision to now pursue a ship as soon as the promise of one was dangled in front of him. Him being a child may be to blame for how quickly he changed his mind… Remain steadfast Dragonborn! We need that resolute pursuit that I find in Apeles – hence why I still trust his judgment. 
  • I know it is tough for Anstar to turn down any form of payment, but this potential payment that Khristos is a part of is tainted payment and we must all carry that with us. We will be no better than Khristos' Champions if we choose to accept the guild mission and I would hate to be categorized in the same group as them. 
  • We cannot completely burn the bridge with Roni - many have warned us that it is best to remain on the right side with Roni and she is perhaps more influential than we are led to believe. Perhaps it is a bit selfish since it was I that has caused our relationship to strain with Roni, but I believe solving the murder can help us redeem ourselves amongst The Crown & Cup. While we may never reach the same relationship we once had with Roni, I believe it is a step in the right direction. Even if we fail, I believe Roni will at least deep down appreciate our efforts. We still have the night, do not give up friends! 
  • Zharina cannot turn her back against heinous crimes such as murder that have been committed and as such, neither can I. I, no WE,  have already failed Shinuroz Flowrumm and we cannot fail someone else again. 
  • When we do leave Fairhaven, I would like to leave it in a better state than how it was when we all first arrived. Furthermore, I would like us to have a better standing amongst the citizens of Fairhaven when we leave than when we first arrived.

Now, as Cescill wisely pointed out (one of the reasons I forget he is a child sometimes), if we do in fact run out of leads and can make no headway with the murder by the end of the night…I must graciously admit defeat and realize that there is no other solution that will allow us to solve the murder but I pray we do not reach that conclusion. If the money does go towards a ship, we will indeed be able to travel to far reaching lands but we will be stalling/ possibly abandoning any foothold that we have in Fairhaven. As our accomplishments begin to proper recognition in Fairhaven, payment will surely follow which will make Anstar and Cescill very happy and I will happily invest part of my future payments towards Cescill's ship – but do not expect to find me ever on it! If Anstar agrees to forgo the guild mission in favor of solving the murder, I believe that I can work out an arrangement with him where he receives part of my share of crowns each time we are paid. He already knows that I will not accept payment that I think is tainted – as was such when we were paid for discovering what happened to the convoy to Brax Prison.  

Apeles entry 11.1

Now everyone look. I know the promise of 8000 crowns to split among us, or 10000 crowns to buy a ship for travel seems….tempting. However we made a promise here, we promised a man that we'd see it through so that he wouldn't hang. Would you honestly trade an innocent life for a shiny distraction that a wicked man like Kristos would throw at you. I have my duty as a Knight of Paloma to follow through on my promises, but i also have a duty towards you all as a friend. As a friend, im asking that we follow through on the investigation, we speak to the baronette and exhaust every lead we have. This goes beyond us and for all we know, we caused this by speaking with Illoan. We need to finish what we started or this will become a habit, stopping doing the good thing because some curr presented a temptation to stray. Kristos is no better than a demon at this point. I did not come here for money or to serve but to be a legitimate hero. We need to finish this for not only ourselves, but for Roni, for Edna, for David and for every innocent person here. People in this town do not give a thought for the unfortunate, they did not even mention the children that were casualties of the necromancer weeks ago. The lord's will continue to soak their hands in the blood of whoever is convenient, It's all to common and someone needs to be made an example of for this tyranny to cease.

Nebrarlun's Log #10

I continue to struggle with what is expected of me as a follower of Zharina… I finally was able to visit the temple of Zharina in Fairhaven and made a complete mockery of myself in front of the high priestess Jamila. I know very little of the proper religious customs that is expected of anyone be alone a follower of Zharina. My first mistake was interrupting Jamila in  the middle of her prayers, my second mistake was not knowing to place donations upon every visit, and my third mistake was not knowing the proper times to pray. Zharina, perhaps this is why you continue to throw misfortune upon me! Jamila informed me of how I can better connect with you Zharina and let me know that there is a guild quest that will allow me to bring myself much closer to you…that is if my friends and I are given the opportunity despite what I caused to happen.

Roni, shame on her, seemed to have been friends with the high priest of Quarre - Illoan and he paid my friends and I a visit at The Crown & Cup. I wished to have NO part in dealing with him and distanced myself from him but could not but help overhear his shear rudeness in bashing and making fun of Zharina. I could not idly sit by as he continued to mock my goddess and came to Zharina's defense. What happened next has caused a deep damage within me. Illoan challenged me to a trial-by-combat and I wished I could have had more time to think on it but in my haste and my poor judgment…I refused and unfortunately all of Crown & Cup bore witness to my shameful act. To make matters worse, I expressed my disdain towards Roni allowing followers of Quarre into her inn and she did not take kindly towards my words and with little time to prepare – has kicked us out of what we believed was our "second home". 

There is no justifying my cowardly act of rejecting Illoan's trial by combat but I still feel that I need to express to myself and you Zharina why I declined. I do not know of all the laws and rules of Fairhaven, and feel as if engaging in a trial by combat (regardless of if it's to the death or until someone yields) would be against the laws of Fairhaven. I know Jamila thinks highly of the laws and I thought it would be best not to upset her. Furthermore, Illoan is a high priest – I am but a cleric who cannot even pay his respects to a temple properly. Lastly, I was truly scared for my life… It was up to me for what the terms would be if we engaged in a trial by combat and I could have easily chosen to fight using bare hands but who knows if he would have abided by the rules since he is a follower of Quarre…

I have caused myself, the Icefury Clan, and my friends a deep sense of shame that I hope to rectify in the coming future. Cescill is determined to regain some dignity for himself and the group since he now has challenged Illoan to a trial by combat. Illoan will let us know tomorrow morning. I know I have caused disappointment with my actions…but I am thankful that my friends have not abandoned me during this shameful time. I am truly indebted to them!

Apeles Interlude
To save time

After our second meeting with the High priest of Quarre, I broke off from my group and made my way to the temple of Paloma. I greeted Lady Semolina, before placing two crowns in the poor box. After i found a place i could meditate and pray silently as i faced the oak tree speaking my heart out to Paloma, knowing that with each beat of my heart the message would be delivered to her. I went over everything that had happened over the past few weeks, rethinking my missteps , on how i could have helped more and lessened the harm that evil had happened. My mind drifted to the children that died, the first time i had killed, the slaughter of the kobolds, and to that hag. I asked for forgiveness and reaffirmed my oaths. Finally i ask her for any aid she can give us come tomorrow, For i do not trust any knowledge that Quarre gives.

Apeles entry 10

The High Priest of Quarre. Let me put this straight, I do not trust him for one second. I dont not agree with what he says about the followers of Zharina nor do i agree with his willingness to shed blood over a fruitless argument. The more he spoke the more i disliked him, he seems hospitable at first but he quickly goes into his own biases and fanatical thinking, which is especially troubling when dealing with one of Quarre the last malevolent. If anything i am only maintaining my hospitality because of my promise to Uschymna, We're only to watch. It is not yet the time to act. Until it is i will keep treating him….fairly as i would an aquintance, unless he gives me completely fair reason not to.

Anstar Amorin Log #9

While adventuring through the ogre cave we came many things. The dragonborn and I found oxen and horses we could use, my brother and the dwarf found some prisoners, and the glacian found the most important of all things- loot! There was so much stashed away here in the cave! A strange gnomish machine, glass panes, a jeweled abacus, a barrel of nails, oh the list goes on and on. So we were able to gather everything, including the now freed prisoners, and use the oxen to carry it all out of the cave. 

Upon returning to the site of the battle we found that our prisoners of war had managed to escape somehow and that they took a few things with them. Good riddance I say. Once we returned we were able to repair the cart there and so we made camp nearby and left the next morning.

One of the prisoners was very quiet and difficult to deal with, but we were able to persuade her with food. That and the glacian woman we found finally came to. She was quite the loudmouth, and just like everyone else on this damn world, she was very full of herself. I mean c'mon. You got yourself captured by ogres and we saved your life, and instead of, "Oh my god! Thank you heroes!" it's, "so you just managed to kill an ogre, huh?" It's all making me rather homesick.

We managed, however, to safely make our way back to the prison and claim our reward. It was there I received this strange coin. I'm not yet sure what it is about it, but I am rather drawn to it. It feels like it could be important down the road. After a quick stop here we headed back to Farehaven.

Upon our return we were greeted by nothing less than a fan of ours. So this is how it feels to be appreciated. I can't say that I don't enjoy it. Thoroughly. And who knows, perhaps there is money to be made here. But that can wait. For now I am tired from our journey and wish to exchange this loot for some cold hard crowns.

We ended up trading in the loot for some horses. Not really what I had in mind, but certainly I can see the value to be had. And the strangest thing happened while I was making a deal for us. I simply asked for an even exchange for our goodies and when that happened I felt a warm glow on my neck, and then… we got it. I mean I don't think I need help in closing a deal or anything, but still I wonder if somehow this new coin I received had anything to do with it. Anyways, we had one last stop to make before heading in for the Crown and Cup.

My brother accompanied me to find the jeweler here in town so that I could have the abacus appraised while the rest of the party went off to waste their time with that old fool Q. We were stopped, surprisingly, on our way by the local tailor. He invited us in to have a look at his wares and we obliged him. He was an odd fellow, that man. He made me feel a little uneasy, and his prices were outrageous. Unfortunately he took up so much of our time that when we finally left the jeweler had already closed for the day. There's always tomorrow I suppose. And with that we returned to meet up with our companions at the Crown and Cup.

Nebrarlun's Log #9

As quickly as I brought life into Treialle, I actively engaged in extinguishing that life…

We were attacked by a group of half-ogres that were very interested in having me and my group as breeding partners. Upon defeating "Big Daddy" we discovered that there were others who were forced into breeding partners with these half-ogre creatures.

We located their cave and were able to rescue 4 women – one a Glacian! I saw that one of the women we rescued, Mod, was extremely pregnant with what I could only imagine was a half-ogre inside of her. Much to the dismay of this wicked woman, I was able to save both the child and her life – she had a beautiful girl. I named the child Shinuroz Flowrumm, dwarvish for Shining Flower as Apeles was just as instrumental in helping deliver the child. None of the women wanted anything to do with this child so my party and I took it upon ourselves to watch over her well-being until we could find a more suitable upbringing for Shinuroz Flowrumm.

How naive was I to think Zharina would allow this life to bloom! Shinuroz wandered away from the camp we had set up and luckily Cescill spotted her before she disappeared into the fog. I wish he could have done more but no one is to blame for what transpired next. Cescill tapped into his scale to be able to smell Shinuroz as we could see very little in the fog and we located her in the posession of what Apeles described as a hag. This wretched forsaken creature took Shinuroz as a future meal. We were no match for this hag – she said she lived at the top of The Lone Mountain and unleashed her fury on us as a warning. Apeles quickly knew that we were no match and told us to abandon Shinuroz. Angrily, I complied. The loss of innocent life is always challenging for a medic. I do not blame Apeles – he is far more experienced than I am and I greatly trust his guidance as he truly seemed distraught over the loss of Shinuroz as well. He even apologized to me face-to-face, something dwarves truly appreciate!

Something else to note…I discovered a belt containing ancient smithing tools. At first glance, you would think these were useless but twice now (while working on a cart and while trying to work on the cage in which the three women were trapped) as I was thinking of what tool to use next, it appeared right in my belt! I required a wood file while fixing a cart and at first I believed my belt would not carry such a tool but lo and behold – there it was. I need to further examine this belt upon my return to Fairhaven.

Shinuroz Flowrumm, I promise you I will return to the top of The Lone Mountain and rain down unleashed fury on that hag.

Apeles entry 9
Farehaven again...

Thing's never go the way they feel they're supposed to do they?  We were able to save both mother and child, However that decision was mostly Nebrarlun's. We then recovered the collection of items that the ogres had collected, although honestly i was not all that interested in it outside of the Elven pieces. However….At some point during the trip back home the child wandered off into a foggy morning, we gave chase only to be met with something terrifying. Holding the baby we had been taking care of over the past couple days was the visage of what i could only sense as a Hag. I'm not sure what type of hag it was, but it sent shivers down my spine and as ashamed of it as i am now, i ran and instructed my friends to follow suit and luckily they did. The sight, her magic and her laugh they haunt me still….

We're back in Farehaven for at least a few days time and we're covering some loose ends and unloading a lot of the goods we acquired. After our business is settled i plan on taking a much over due visit to Paloma's temple, praying for forgiveness of some of my errors  and guidance in what steps to take next. While I'm unsure of what comes immediately next there is one thing i know for sure. I will climb to the peak of the lone mountain and make the hag regret that invitation.

P.S. Garret's insistence on clothes that ward against the cold is extremely unsettling, given recent events

Anstar Amorin Log #8

We've set off to find the missing caravan. We travel on a rocky path which is sandwiched between marshy forest to our left and the mountain side on our right. Strangely on the way we begin to notice what appears to be a mass grave. Everything seems to be done a bit disorderly, but I did manage to find that in one of these graves is a skull which I believe to be that of a Saurian. Perhaps a war was held here long again. Frightening to think about an army this massive attacking us today. But perhaps this skull can fetch us a pretty circlet upon our return to Farehaven.

The first evening of our journey we decide to spend in a small cave on the mountainside. We all managed to reach it safely thanks to the dragonborn's magic. And it's a good thing we chose the to camp here as well for it appears that there were bears, perhaps more of those bowls, and goblins afoot the previous night.

We continue on the next day for quite some time before we here a cry for help. I was rather suspicious of this and I informed my companions of it, but still we pressed forward to see what it was. We stumbled across an opening in the woods and there we found the cart. Still a bit weary of our current circumstances I decided to stay in the back and attempt to keep my presence hidden while the rest of the group pushed forward to inspect the cart. A good thing too, because we were ambushed! I knew this was all a trap! Perhaps my companions will take head of my word in the future.

We were beset on all sides by goblinoid creatures and presumably their pets. There was one who called himself "Big Daddy" who was much larger than the rest, and their pets were a two headed dog and a quite noisy parrot. Me and my compatriots quickly turned our attention to the smaller goblinoids and dispatched them while our monk friend took care of the dog beast. It wasn't long until the damned parrot was flying around and being quite the nuisance, so I decided to shut it up.

With the rabble dealt with we turned our efforts now upon Big Daddy whom was easily handled with our combined might. We rounded up the few still alive and restrained them. Upon interrogation we discovered the whereabouts of the missing caravan and their goods. We were lead there by one of the creatures and upon arrival I stealthily made my way forward to the cavern entrance to inspect it. It wasn't long before the entire group was at my heels clambering about and making our presence known. I would have thought by now I was traveling with intelligent beings, but perhaps the exhaustion of our previous engagement had gotten to their heads. Our perhaps they really are just foolish. Either way I will need to make an effort next time to express my intent.

So onward we went, clambering and banging our way into the lair of these beasts. Every and anything in here would certainly be alert to our presence at this point. But inside we found no threats. In fact all we found were their prisoners, presumably the missing caravan. There lay a glacian woman, of all things, unconscious in a small cage, and they a large holding cell full of woman, one of which appeared to be pregnant. The pregnant one was crying out for help. She explained she was pregnant with Big Daddy's child and it was going to burst forth, kill and then eat her. How gruesome. The dwarf was by my side at this moment and I pleaded for him to assist this woman, but he was of no use. We attempted to open the cell, but to no avail. Seeing the dwarf not taking initiative, I ran over to the caravan goods to see if I could find anything to assist in the opening of this cell. 

Meanwhile it seems the others were able to free the glacian woman and attempted to heal some of her wounds. I had trouble finding anything of use for opening the cell, but the dragonborn came and took over and was able to find something the dwarf could use.

Afterwards me and my brother went to another part of the cavern to see what we could find. There was livestock, pigs and cattle, but would you believe we found horses! What luck!

Nebrarlun's Log #8

Shine your light upon us Zharina! We have been trekking through this dull monotonous rain that has found a way to soak my very bones. For once, Cescill's irrational control on his fire would serve me well. The party and I began the search for the missing Caravan and on our path, we intermittently came across burial grounds used by goblins. I have had no experience with these beasts, but Apeles and Anstar noted that goblins were common pests in Lea. As I am unaware of their customs, it is best to stay on guard as we do not want to be deemed "intruders". They do appear to have some form of a social lifestyle as they have a way of burying their dead and perhaps Apeles and Anstar are not giving these creatures their due respect…

 We also came across at one point what seemed like an area in which a great battle had taken place. We found the skull of what we believed is to be that of a Saurian and other remnants of bones that were scorched. I originally believed The Lone Mountain may have been a volcano but upon closer inspection, I believe The Lone Mountain was the result of the battle. 

Cescill was very keen on showing us a new ability he had learned, the ability to levitate! Unfortunately, he decided I should be the first to join him in the sky. I was expecting the worst seeing how reckless the Dragonborn can be but was pleasantly surprised by how gentle the feeling of levitation was. It was also fantastic seeing a height of greater than 4 ft 4 inches as I have rarely had the pleasure of being hoisted to see what lies before me in a different perspective. While I still have no positives to say about sea-travel, I do not mind the levitating and "flying". 


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