Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Apeles entry 1
Ale and Cookies

The Day started off alright, i woke up early, shined my weapons and did my hair. I walked out to the bar to have some morning ale with my brother.However I was disappointed that the bartender wouldn't let me drink and, the bartender, while rough around the edges is good company, she has a firm grip as well! at the bar i met some new companions, a dwarf of Zharina, a  dragonborn of the arcane arts, a mysterious fellow who has skills with the blade, and a rarity a glacian man with combat prowess. The dwarf in and my brother got into a little spat about the gods but he seems accepting and a kind man of faith. the dragonborn while shy is very reliable. I do want to know more about the mysterious man however. 

Upon arriving at the guild we were told of a fee we had to pay unless we were sponsored, and so our dragonborn friend asked for a Rychard. He was a kind man who seems to help alot of people in our shoes. He however had to direct us to a Nan another older member of the guild. Her garden is beautiful. She fed us some morning dessert, which im enjoying now, which easily makes up for my missed ale.

Anstar Amorin: Log #1

My brother has finally arrived in Farehaven today! It's been so long since I've seen him. What, two-three years? And while it was nice to see a familiar face he wasn't the only person I met at the Crown and Cup. There was Roni, the busty patron of the Crown and Cup, and several of my new companions. One was the towering, scaly figure – a dragon born! While a rare sight indeed he seemed a little shy. While you may be intimitated by his appearance I certainly was not after exchanging words with him. Then there was another uncommon sight in Farehaven, a dwarf! He claimed to be a disciple of Zharina, but I'm confident based on a dream or vision which he shared with us that Paloma is involved somehow as she is in all things. And as if meeting a dragonborn and a dwarf in the same Inn in Farehaven wasn't odd enough there was also a Glacian male who thinks he is in fact a Glacian female! This "man" certainly appears to have some sort of identity crisis or perhaps is just a little confused. Finaly there was a quite man who mostly kept to himself and seemed to like it that way. I'm a little wary of him, and while I'm not certain I can trust any of my new companions, I certainly will be keeping an eye on him. I pray to Paloma my life will never be in his hands.

After a hearty breakfast graciously provided by Roni our ragtag group set out with the common cause of joining the guild of merchant adventurers. We however found out we required a sponsor and were directed to speak to a veteran of the guild named Nan.

Nan is a sweet, although perhaps eccentric, old woman, but she knows her way around the kitchen! That was quite the treat the gave us. I wasn't familiar with "ice cream" before today, but I'm glad that I am now! After treating us she informed us of some trouble she's been having. Apparently little devils/demons have been frolicking in her garden late at night stealing her vegetables. While I'm not so certain of the valitidy of these rants I am certain we need this woman's favor to get into the guild and so we have agreed to assist her in this matter. I have expertly tracked these demons to be coming from the sewers which is very intersting, and we've all decided to go down to find these creatures.

The stench down here is just as bad as you would think if not worse, and we have no idea where it is we are headed. We came across a small bridge, however, and seeing this as a simple feat to cross I was perhaps a little too overconfident and fell in the sewage. If that weren't bad enough I encountered a crocodile of all things! I was lucky to make it out of there with both of my legs attached to my body. Luckily my brother was there to assist me and the Glacian man, Athelstan, impressed me greatly as he dispatched one of the beasts rather handily. Perhaps he isn't as crazy as I first thought. After dealing with that little issue my brother severed off one of the beasts heads so that we may present it as a trophy of our accomplishments down here.

After continuing to traverse through the sewers for what felt like hours, and after I was certain we would never find anything, we came across a four way crossing. I must say I was a bit weary of this crossing as it seemed to be assembled rather haphazardly, but the dwarf, Nebrarlun, seemed confident enough to cross. He, however, instantly triggered a trap which closed in around him and started dragging him below into the sewage! The dragonborn, Cecil, was quick to act and asked if any of us had a grappling hook handy, which I of course did, and we flung it over and pulled the dwarf out. I hope from now on he and the rest of the party will be more wary of the dangers which are apparent in the sewers.

After some additional traveling we came across what appeared to be another trap set for us. It was a rope lade across the tunnel which upon further inspection by Athelstan was in fact not a trap. After passing this a rounding the corner we came across strage dwelers of the sewers. They seemed to be aggressive at first, as it sounded like they were hurling projectiles at Athelstan and Cecil, who first made contact with these creatures, but it turns out that they were in fact not hostile, but merely frightened. All of which we were able to deduce because the dragonborn could speak to them! We in fact learned that these creatures were known as Kobolds and that they had been driven up to the sewers from their breeding grounds below by "smelly ones." This information all given to us by the presumed leader of the group "grandma." Perhaps these were the demons that Nan found snooping in her garden.

Cescill Vass: Log #1

- Wow… it's hard to believe everything that has happened over little more than a day. Just a week ago I was nothing more than a stow away in my own home, but now I'm already making great progress, well at least I think I am. I've already made whom I hope to call friends this morning at the local inn the "Crown & Cup". They seem to be quite nice from what I've seen, and many are faithful towards the Bright and Balanced,; however a few seemed to get a bit coarse over their choices, nothing violent so I suppose everything is fine. I have to admit I had trouble approaching such a crowd, it was only after talking to a kind older local seamarlian man by the name of Baris Qu'enthiel that i found enough confidence to approach the others. He gave me good advice, directions, and even told me of a member to be recommended to in his name. I suppose I'm making a good impression so far, and sadly after meeting the members at the guild, I was sad to learn that I was still ill prepared. I had no fee or sponsor, and though the man Qu'enthiel recommended to me, Sir Rychard, was willing, he was apparently unable do to some sort of limit of use. He however told us to see an older woman by the name of Nan on the hill in a mansion; apparently she to is or was a member and her word is highly respected, and so we went. We were greeted by a kind old halfling woman surprisingly enough, she even offered us desserts. She apparently was having trouble with something ruining her garden, claiming it to be a demon. I didn't want to be rude, but I found the story a bit far fetched, however looking at myself I guess anything is possible. After making wishes on a fey well said to grant good luck, the group found tracks coming from over the wall and into the sewers below. The space below was dark and cramp for myself, I sure wish I had a little more saved to buy that lamp I was eyeing back in Bartermoor. Along the way we felled several crocodiles and dealt with the hazards of both the environment and some strange traps. It was soon that we encountered a strange clan of small reptile like humanoids, similar to myself; they even spoke in my tongue. I had so many questions but we had to first show that we were not a threat to them, as well as make a promise to help them in turn and reclaim their nesting grounds below.They said some smelly people had drove them out, but before that we had to deal with another problem; a large python that was eating their kin. All of this was detailed to us through their leader, an elderly reptilian that called herself the "Grandmother". She sent her strongest warrior to guide us to this problem and with a bit of difficulty we managed to fell the beast; I only hope our luck keeps up from here.

Nebrarlun's Log #1

Icefury Clan, 

I write in order to recount my adventures with you all upon my return. I do not know when I will be able to present my logs, but I hope I may present them to you all before you cast your judgment on me for leaving the dwarven contingency to pursue Zharina and follow in her light. 

I entered Fairhaven and found room and board at the Crown and Cup upon which I met several other travelers and adventurers such as myself looking to join the Seamarlian Guild of Merchant Adventurers. Zharina has truly blessed me with them…

Two of the adventurers are half brothers, one seems much more regal than the other…although they both follow Paloma – a pantheon I may have seen in my dream as well. There is one other human and I'm not sure what to make of him, seems very quiet and shy. Can you believe there is a Glacian man that is actually adept in combat? Ha! I truly do admire him as he made quick work of some crocodiles, but I can't help and tease him for not having a woman protector! Perhaps Roni may take him under her protection. I would hate to have to cross her as an enemy. Last, there is a Dragonborn! Extremely timid and shy, but he does seem the most learned and wisest out of us lost. I have yet to see him lose his mental fortitude and I do think he means well. A dragonborn in this region is very rare hence why he may remain so sheltered from everyone… I hope as time progresses we will slowly befriend him.

What seemed to be an easy task of fending off a demon from eating some vegetables quickly turned into a exploration of the sewers of Fairhaven and the discovery of what appears to be an ancient race of small reptile creatures that fear the light. I would think they fear Zharina, but as they have not caused us any dire harm – I see no reason to consider them foes and will see what help I can offer them.

Apeles entry 2
Foulness and Fish

So much has happened since my last entry. Since Delving into this cavern, we've fought some tough fights. My Brother attracted a fight with a crocodile which attracted another one to our location, through the aid of my newfound allies we dispatched the beasts but it did take quite some effort, and… dont make me think about how that muck felt on my skin, i shiver at the thought, and i think the muck infected me with some kind of disease. However i quickly cleansed myself of the blight when i started feeling it's effects doing the same for my Dwarvin companion when he started getting worse. 

After Some traversing and difficulty with traps throughout the sewers we came across a friendly race that speaks the same language as Cescill, they call themselves the Kobolds. These people worship their ancestors and seem to not enjoy bright lights. They seem nice enough and are good company, i cant hold their scavenging for food against them.  They asked us to aid them in liberating their home so that they no longer had to steal to survive and we agreed.

Many tough battles followed from a snake that nearly crushed me to death to having to fight 20….maybe 30 of these fish like creatures, i have no idea how we survived. Sadly However we lost Tane, i barely knew him but plan to give him a proper burial as is the rights of any person. I have so much to tell Lily and Mother, but for now i must tend to my wounds.

Anstar Amorin: Log #2

Upon further conversation with this Grandmother kobold I am becoming more and more convinced that these are in fact the demons which Nan was referring. They appear to be harmless and it seems that we may be able to handle Nan's task by clearing out the "smelly ones" from their breeding grounds. Grandma has instructed one of her greatest warriors to lead us to the entrance to their breeding grounds. On a side note I am rather interested in the staff which grandma carries which seems to be able to alert her to danger and also the shield carried by her warrior which appears to be made of the scale of some beast.

As we were being lead, however, we came under attack by a giant python! The party, however, was able to make quick work of this beast and I took a scale of the creature so that I am reminded of our victory here, no matter how minor it may be. We brought the carcass back to the kobolds and they prepared a feast for us which we graciously indulged in.  After feeling well fed and well rested we left for the burial grounds.

It wasn't long before we came in contact with the "smelly ones" which the kobolds referred to, and battle of epic proportions was held! I never imagined in my life to be in a battle such as this which was fought on multiple fronts. The glacian man, Athelstan, was most impressive in his ability to deal with these creatures as lay waste to them one by one, corpses pilling around him. And my brother was critical in this battle as well. I'm very proud of him as he has grown into a true paladin of Paloma. He held the line valiantly and protected the rest of use from the advances of these beasts from the northern tunnel. Nebrarlun too showed his knowledge of healing powers as he kept us on our feat able to continue on and never falter. I was not overly impressed with the dragonborn's combat abilities, but it must be stated that he played a pivotal role in interfering with the enemy spellcaster. I myself was a true champion of the group. I slew many a foe, and from point blank range with my bow at that! First there was this giant worm which burrowed from the walls! I dispatched this foe quickly and with relative ease and then continued on to the smaller creatures, but then emerged their champion. I quickly turned my attention to him firing shot after shot until he decided to engage me! I never faltered and continued my barrage of arrows upon him until finally I was able to conect with an arrow straight through the beasts jugular! I pains me to write, however, that not all of the group was fortunate enough to make it. The reserved fighter, Tane, fell during this battle. He fought bravely and valiantly and he surely will be remembered. 

After the battle I was sure to inspect the remains of the fallen to see what could be garnered. Their champion had a shield constructed of fallen Duo-Kai which I offered to the dwarf and my brother, but neither showed interested. I also picked up the stone weapon which he fought with which none of my companions seemed interested in either. Finally there was a staff which was wielded by the caster. It seemed rather grim with the skull placed atop it, and I offered it to our caster of the group, the dragonborn Cecil, who didn't seem interested in it either. What a waste for all of these perfectly good items! I figured at the very least the club and shield could prove valuable to someone and so I brought them along.

Upon finishing tending to our woods and taking a moments respite the group gathered their things and we delved deeper into the breeding grounds to see what else we could find and to make sure this menace was completely taken care of. We came across many rooms which appeared to be abandoned buildings. Quite interesting. Upon further exploring we even found a dock constructed of Iron Wood. How in the word it got down here and what it was doing here was far beyond me! After we traversed some more we came across a skeleton with a box. I was very wary of this box, but upon verification by Athelstan and Nebrarlun that it was not trapped or cursed I opened it up to see what was inside. We found a book, some vials with powder, and a glowing stone. The stone appealed to me very much and so I kept it while I handed the book over to my brother and the vials to our caster, Cecil. Apparently the vials appeared to be potions at some point and within the margins of my book my brother found the tale of this lonesome skeleton. He apparently was hiding here and whoever was in charge of bringing supplies to this man either forgot of him or left. As we were leaving this chamber we were ambushed! seemingly from nowhere this… thing –  aberration –  appeared! It was grotesque with a giant beak that of a falcon and tentacles which dangled from its body as it was floating around us! It delivered a mighty blow to my brother, but as a group we greatly wounded before it managed to escape! I was not content with letting the creature survive so I attempted to fire a parting shot, but failed to connect. Damn! And what's worse is that idiot dragon born of ours scorched me with his flame breath! I'm aware accidents happen in the heat of battle, but don't think for a moment that I will let him live this down!

We came upon another chamber which appeared to be the garden which grandma had been referring to. I made sure to pick some carrots, or orange fingers as she refers to them as, for her upon our return. Upon further investigation here I came across an old footlocker. Athelstan unfortunately did not have the ability to unlock it and so my brother quickly forced the lock open and we found more documents inside. It turns out, according to the documents we procured, that this location was once Karph's Cove! That would explain the docks we found earlier. And in it we found a writ good for 1000 crowns!! I can't wait to cash this pretty number in!

Cescill Vass: Log #2

- It was a blood bath this time around; we were all exhausted by the end of dealing with these other reptilian like creatures and some giant insect or worm. We lost a member, Tane, amongst the confusion, and I myself nearly lost grasp on the situation on several accounts. I even resorted to using my inner fire to deal with a couple of the threats. Apeles was astonished by it and while we were taking an hours respite to collect ourselves, it came up again in a series of questions; how many times can you do that?, does it hurt?, why didn't you use it against the crocodiles or the snake?, can all people like you spew fire?. I took my time too explain it to all of them; no, not all of us spew fire, though I've never seen the other possibilities. I can only do it once in awhile do to the time it takes to build up as well as the affect it has on me, so yes to answer another question, it isn't comfortable to shoot flames from my mouth. As for the other encounters, the creatures were soaked in water so I was worried the effect of it would be lessened, plus I prefer not to use it when I can avoid it. Of course they insisted to know why, and they could tell it was more than it just being uncomfortable. "Well, it all started back in my home in Bartermoor. I was at the docks training with the captain and his crew, but than i was starting to have a coughing fit. No one really knew what to think of it so we continued with the ship's maintenance. I was helping with the sail when it happened, a burning sensation deep in my chest followed by another cough, but instead of mucous or saliva, I was instead shooting a large jettison of flame upon the sail. From there a panic occurred, though fortunately we managed to protect the rest of the vessel. I had to apologize, and though Captain Chapman was quick to be understanding, I was made to pay for the replacement of the sail, but it was only fair. Since than I've felt that feeling return and I've always been apprehensive to use it again since that incident. True it could be helpful, but watching it in action, fire is as beautiful as it is destructive." Time had passed and it was time to move on, and hopefully we have dealt with the worst of this place.

Nebrarlun's Log #2

We have already lost a member – Thane. While I did not get to learn too much about him, he was an excellent fighter and gave up his life in his fight against these aquatic serpent like creatures our party encountered as we continued to explore the sewers and assist the Kobolds in reclaiming their nesting grounds. I should have showed no mercy upon these foul creatures as they almost were able to decimate our party – I myself fell unconscious in battle and in my state – I again dreamed of the Sun rising and as it rose, a small seedling grew into a tree. I believe I felt the Paladin's touch in my ability to regain consciousness and now believe Zharina and Paloma are more interwoven than what I once thought.  

Anstar Amorin: Log #3

After our conquests in Karph's Cove the party decided we had explored enough and decided to return to grandma and the rest of the kobolds to inform them it was safe for them to return. The greeted us on our arrival back to the sewers and I shared my "orange fingers" with grandma who seemed rather pleased. After the kobolds were convinced it was safe to return we decided to return to the surface and back up to Farehaven to respectfully deal with our fallen companions remains. We had no trouble locating the temple district and upon arriving we met briefly with an elf named Uschymna and it turns out she was one of the council of nine. I have a feeling she will be of use to us later on, but for now she simply helped us with finding the temple of Paloma so that we could respectfully deal with Tane. There he was taken in and his remaining crowns, which we decided would be disrespectful to take, were used as the tithe for his burial. I don't see much the sense of leaving all that gold on a dead body who won't be getting any use of it, and furthermore I'm convinced Tane would have wanted us to have it, but at any rate I figured it better to let this one slip as opposed to quarreling with my new friends and my younger brother.

After those matters were attended to it was growing late, but we decided to pay Nan a visit to inform her that her demons were taken care of. Nan, however, was not in the best of states when we arrived and was babbling something about a keep and not letting us through so we decided it best to get some rest and return the next day.

Upon returning to Nan it appeared she was her usually, mostly coherent, self. It did seem she was unsatisfied with the idea that we aided her demons and when it appeared she would not be convinced that they would not be a bother to her anymore I decided to do some convincing of my own and Nan now believes the kobolds to be rotting away below the sewers, dying a slow and painful death. That being settled Nan accompanied us back to the guild to sponsor us.

Nan put in a good word for us and we recalled all that we had been through to Sir Rychard who informed us we would have to convince the three lords of our worth to the guild. And so we were introced to Lord Konstantein, Lord Khristos, and Lord Tazgah. I was not overly impressed by these lords, and I get the impression they shared the same sentiment, but in the end we were able to convince them of our worth to the guild. We then decided to meet up with the sponsor to the guild mission which we had inadvertently completed while we were in Karph's Cove, one named Gnecyznohr.

We met this Gnecyznorh at the Crown and Cup later that afternoon and he was a very curt old man. He valued his time greatly and was not privy to us wasting it. Cecill attempted to speak to him, but very much to my enjoyment he was silenced by this man again and again. Nebrarlun even tried conversing with this man to no avail. Me and my brother though faired much better, given our backgrounds, at speaking with this man and together were able to not only convince him of the historical importance of the documents which we procured, but aslo of their value and it was because of our efforts we were rewarded handsomely. And naturely being the one who was able to negotiate with this man and the individual who showed great expertise in the battle we fought to obtain these documents I split up the crowns evenly amongst us. The rest of the group apparently did not agree and we settled the argument like refined gentlemen. We next decided to figure out what we could do with the vials we found.

We were directed to Q's shop to learn more about the vials we obtained. It turns out this Q is adept with potion making and enchantments. We first decided to shop around and see what he had in stock. I was interested in some poison to perhaps coat some of my arrows in, but upon mention of the word I was immediately thrown out of the establishment! How dare he! I meant no offense to the man! He seemed to behave terribly unreasonable and so I set out to defer an would be victims of this man's harassment and embarrassment while my companions took their sweet time conversing with him. After many long moments waiting for them outside we headed out to the weaponsmith, Gittan.

While our tip to Gittan did prove to be more fruitful than our visit to Q's it wasn't by much. She was a brutish half orc woman who was clearly and excellent smith, but not as fine a business woman. She was unwavering on her prices which I was not fond of, but the group was able to resupply and move on.

We spent the next few days resting and the Crown and Cup and I commissioned Nebrarlun to create a potion of healing for me from the recipes we found in Karph's Cove. The rest of the group checked in regularly with Q for there potions which they commissioned for him to restore. He probably fumbled with each one and I doubt any of them are worth a damn. Meanwhile I visited the trade post and attempted to get rid of the club and shield which I was still holding on to. They weren't interested in the damn things either! How can no on want this suff?? At any rate I believe they took me for a fool and attempted to sell me a false potion, and although I wasn't certain I decided I would hold onto my crowns for now.

I finally convinced my brother of the potetial value of the shield. Praise Paloma! Now if only I could figure out what is up with this stone club.

Apeles entry 3

We were able to bury Tane's body, i mean to check up on the process and make sure he was properly intered but i trust the temple to do so, so i can wait on that. after word we were able to convince the lord's to allow us to join the guild…however after meeting them I'm not sure if i can trust them, at least two of them i feel that way towards, the third one didnt let on too to much of his personality and merely sat and listened, quipping in at opportune times, maybe he's the mind behind things. Anyway, I also met someone i hope to be a new ally in this city, an elven woman she claimed to be one of the 9, this leaves me hopeful in all honesty. I feel things may get very, complicated from now on…Paloma will guide my way.


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