Treialle: The Fourth Turning

Anstar Amorin Log #10


I'll make this short and sweet. CROWNS!!!

But honestly friends, what do we hope to achieve here? I mean, I love a good mystery just as much as the next, and how I would love to see Khristos suffer because of this, but how can we possibly turn this offer down. Imagine what I – I mean WE – could do with that many crowns! Sailing the open seas is silly of course and nothing more than a child's fantasy to play captain, but imagine we take these crowns out of this god forsaken city. Imagine we find a place to settle where everyone and their dog are not wealthy beyond imagining. We could be kings elsewhere! I say let us take up this offer and leave this town for good. As always, however, I am a strong believe that there is no I in team and therefore I will do whatever the groups decides is best, but I do believe the choice is clear and I would hope, my friends, you do not mistake what a great opportunity this is.


The_Asp blaindes51

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